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  • by ArmyBlog
  • 26-04-2020
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During this pandemic that plagues us, uniformed personnel have been doubly rewarded in the development of their tasks. Firstly, for the pride of serving our society when it is needed and, secondly, for the recognition that it returns to us from the balconies at eight o'clock in the afternoon, the comments we read on social networks and the calls of encouragement and thanks from family, friends and neighbors.

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By uniformed personnel, I do not only mean that of the Armed Forces but also the rest of the personnel essential for society to function (State Security Forces and Bodies, firefighters, public transport, supermarket workers, transporters, cleaners, etc. and especially medical staff, the first line of combat). All of them, all of us, as I have said, have felt this double reward that encourages us to continue to redouble our efforts.

But ... are we all there? We do; others, not entirely.

I mean by others the civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense. More specifically, in the case that concerns me in this front of support and sustainability of the "Balmis" operation in Madrid, the Logistics Support Group (AALOG) nº 11, located in Colmenar Viejo.

Our staff, with a fairly high average age, high value and little replacement, are showing a remarkable strength and willingness. The civil servants, the labor personnel, the specialists in their workshops and in the laundry, the administrative ones in their offices ... are giving great samples of generosity, knowing that from their combat positions, their silent tasks are necessary so that the part and the whole of the organization and its missions, in the logistics base "San Pedro" and, especially, outside the walls (in the "Gómez Ulla", IFEMA, on October 12, the Fira de Barcelona ...), can be sustained.

I'm talking about my unit, AALOG 11, but the same thing happens in other logistical organs, units, centers and technical and specialized organizations, in the management organs of the Army, the FAS and the Ministry of Defense, to which Mrs. Minister in her letter dated April 2 to all the staff of her Department.

My special mention and recognition for those who, having the consideration of risk personnel (by age or pathology) and being able to be at home, have requested motu proprio their incorporation to certain critical positions for the "Balmis" operation. Of course, after a rigorous and exhaustive study by the Office of Occupational Risk Prevention for the adoption of measures against COVID-19 in their specific jobs.

I do not say their names. I don't make their faces. Today we are all after a mask. Let's just remember that they too are faceless heroes.

Coronel Bordonado

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